Maybelline’s NEW Clean Express Makeup Remover Wipes: My Review

Posted on: February 11, 2013


I love these wipes! They are great for sensitive skin and remove makeup very easy! It only takes me a total of ONE wipe to remove any type of cosmetics on my face. Compared to other makeup wipes that takes me longer to clean my face with and usually I need another wipe or two. Ive eveb had to scrub harder with different remover wipes from different brands! With other removers it’s either oil/greasy or causes me skin irritation/breakouts. Maybelline’s Clean Express smells fab too! It’s not a strong fragrance either. It’s just a simple, fresh, and has a very light sweet scent. Even the packaging is absolutely adorable. I’m not the biggest fan of the color pink but I love this products packaging. It’s just cute. Not only is this product a great makeup remover, it also leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. I highly suggest buying this product first if you’re looking to try makeup remover wipes. They are not super expensive either. Find them at your local Walmart for $4.97!! Trust me it’s definitely worth the $5 bucks. I’m also looking to try their other Clean Express products. If you have snagged the other products then please comment below telling me what you thought. Like your own little review. I want to know all of your thoughts. I’m sure if I were to try the other items in the Clean Express line, I wouldn’t be disappointed. But again, leave comments. Please keep an eye out for my future Clean Express Giveaway! It will include all products from the line. Stay tuned. Stay beautiful.


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